Gina Dardis

Since 2002 Gina has worked with Samaritan Aviation as their Office Manager.  This is her second Missions Non-Profit Organization she has worked with.  Gina has also served on many volunteer programs with local churches and the community.   She was born in Grand Junction, Colorado but raised in Oklahoma.  Every summer she would visit family in Colorado where eventually she met her husband.  Gina has been married to Dwane for 24 years who runs his own business in Montrose; they have two beautiful daughters Kendra 22 and Kelsie 21.

“I have enjoyed working with Samaritan Aviation; it is very rewarding to be able to work at a job where I can truly have a hand in helping others in the U.S. and PNG.  To see Gods hands on this organization every day and the lives we have touched over the years has made me even more supportive.”