As I descended toward the mighty Sepik River, I searched the muddy waters for sand bars, debris, and crocodiles. I could see the patient, Belinda, on the river bank. She had delivered her first baby three days earlier, but was unable to deliver the placenta, leaving her fighting infection and in need of a hospital.


I pulled alongside the bank, turned off the engine and jumped out to greet a man who offered to help secure the plane. As I gave him instructions, I could see people from the village carrying the young mother toward us. We carefully loaded Belinda in and said a prayer for her and her new baby girl. Then I shut the door and gave final instructions to volunteers who had offered to help with our departure.


It was then that I noticed a man standing by the plane who was smiling broadly and holding a child in his arms. “Thank you for saving my baby’s life,” he said. He held up his son and explained that we had saved his child and his wife with a life flight last year. We got Belinda to Boram Hospital and, as she recovered, we were able to pray with her and tell her about Jesus and the message of hope and forgiveness that God has given us.

Later that day, I found myself reflecting upon that father holding his son and it struck me that Samaritan Aviation has impacted the lives and stories of thousands of villagers, just like that man, in the remote areas of Papua New Guinea.

Their stories, both here on earth and for eternity, are a reminder of God’s power and how lives are being forever changed! We can only do that because of people like you, who decide to be a part of the Samaritan Aviation story in PNG.

This coming year presents us with some huge challenges! 


 · The PNG government is asking us to expand operations along other rivers.
· The arrival of more missionary families in PNG has created housing needs.

 · Multiple aircraft in operation increases fuel and maintenance costs.

How can I help?

Would you prayerfully consider taking a step of faith with us by joining our team of amazing monthly supporters or making a special, end-of-year gift? Your generosity will truly help us to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus and offer hope and medical access to those in remote areas of PNG.