Mission Openings

Samaritan Aviation is looking for dedicated Christians to join our Papua New Guinea team
and volunteer in the United States


Mission Openings in Papua New Guinea

We are seeking people who have a genuine relationship with Christ and feel a calling to serve in Papua New Guinea.  In order to accomplish our long-term goals in Papua New Guinea we are presently looking for those with the following skills:

  • Media Intern for 3 months

  • Missionary Pilot/Mechanic

  • Missionary Pilot

  • A & P Mechanic

  • Administrator

  • Community Outreach Surfing Club Coordinator

  • Construction team to help us work on our missionary housing

If accepted you will be responsible to raise financial support before serving overseas.

Volunteer Positions in the United States

  • Office assistance in Mesa, Arizona


If you are interested in finding out about one of these positions, please contact: