What is an Ambassador?

In order to spread the word FAR AND WIDE about the physical and spiritual needs along the Sepik River, we started a program to help people who are passionate about this cause share it with others!


You can make a difference right where you’re at. Each of us has a different circle of influence and different connections that, together, can make a BIG impact!


We need you to help tell the stories of those living along the Sepik- help us share their story of hope.

Ambassador Hubs

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Who are you looking for?

– Men & women who can get excited about what SA is doing in PNG.

– Willingness to make connections and be an advocate for the needy along the Sepik.

– Willingness to be involved in something bigger & make a difference.

How do I share the story?

– Churches & Sunday school classes
– Small groups
– Businesses
– One-on-one
– Schools
– Media Outlets
– Back yard BBQ’s
– Coffee meetings
– Large gatherings

Just to name a few!

What are my resources?

We want to equip our Ambassadors with everything they need to be successful in sharing our ministry.
You would have access to:

– Video links/Digital files
– Printed material
– Social Media/Website
– Booth display and projection equipment can be shipped
– USA staff/Board Member/SA Missionary (when in country) can assist
– Any orientation that you need can be provided

Efforts can be expensed when needed.

How do I know if I am the right fit?

Are you passionate?

You don’t have to have a specific set of strengths or personality to be a great Ambassador! In fact, we value what you bring to the table, and that you can tell our story in a way that no one else could!

You don’t have to be in an area that we have designated as a hub. You can start one!  We will do all we can to help you do that!


Have some more questions or want to get started as an Ambassador? Send us an email!

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