Fuel for Life

Patient Imelda from Kaunduwanum2

One hour of aviation fuel cost: $200 USD
Estimated 2016 flight hours: 350 Hours
Estimated cost for fuel in 2016: $70,000 USD


Emergency flights are the most tangible ways Samaritan Aviation’s demonstrates God’s love in Papua New Guinea.

YOU CAN BE THAT PERSON!  Have you had the conversation where someone said they helped save a life and you felt a mix of admiration and desire to do the same?  With a $200 donation, you can say the same.  That is what it takes in fuel to bring someone to a remote hospital in Papua New Guinea to receive life saving medical care, or to take badly needed medical supplies to a remote Aid Post along the Sepik river.  We estimate that we will have 350 flight hours in 2016 burning an average of $200 of aviation fuel per flight.  Our aviation fuel budget is $70,000 for the coming year.  If saving a life isn’t on your bucket list, it outta be!  

With a second floatplane arriving in early 2016, we are looking for ways to help pay for our fuel.  Fuel is the “life-blood” of our ministry and without it, our most important tool (the plane) is rendered inoperable. Without fuel, crucial life saving medicines cannot be delivered and emergency life operations are “grounded”.


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